Billy the Sheik

Sheik Bill Haslam

There’s been a lot of talk today about the merger between Pilot Oil and Flying J. The Federal Trade Commission approved the deal Wednesday, though with some conditions.

According to one trucking industry publication, while Pilot may only have 23% of the total market share on America’s interstates, it could control as much as 50% of the interstate diesel market. This is of particular concern since Pilot has had to settle price gouging claims in Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee.

The news re-ignites questions about why Haslam is reluctant to place his interest in Pilot in a blind trust.

These things, coupled with half a million dollars in state grants and subsidies to Pilot, confustion over his real position on gun rights due to his former inclusion in an anti-gun group and his recent conversion to NRA member, and mounting questions about other conflicts of interest have many Republicans wondering about Bill.

Now I know we’re a left leaning group over here at Speak to Power but I’ve gotta tell you, we’re interested in this stuff too. Heck, James Haslam is one of the richest folks in the state. There’s no doubt Haslam family holds a lot of sway in this state, and considering how much money he’s raised, our guy will likely be facing him after August 5th, so keep those questions coming!

In the mean time, I’ll be looking for more opportunities to use the graphic above. Really, it pleases me to no end.

10 thoughts on “Billy the Sheik

  1. ann sandberg

    just an aside, if Haslam were a Democrat, the right wingers would be saying he is a Muslim, just based on his name :>)

  2. captainkona

    Republicans. (shaking my head and grinning)

    They can call themselves “moderate” or whatever, but in the end the bottom line is always the same.

    Though I would take a Haslam governorship over a Wamp or especially a Ramsey office any day.
    As a matter of fact, I fully intend to vote in the Repig primary for Haslam. Just to attempt to edge Ramsey and the John Gregory brood out.
    Gregory, Holcomb, Mumpower, Godsey etc… These are my home town people. I know better than most just what asshats they really are because I know most of them personally. Church with Mumpower…provided security for Holcomb…almost bought a car from Godsey….catered banquets at the Gregory home while working as a Chef at King College…

    These people must be stopped at all costs and crossover voting against Ramsey is highly recommended.

  3. Steve Ross Post author

    I, like Steffens have a pretty big primary here in Memphis. Also, as I want to eventually work in politics, voting in a (R) primary isn’t real high on my list of things to do. You know, you vote on one side, but are actually on the other side, people seem to frown on that. Unless you’re Stephen Fincher and the entire NRCC is on your side, then it’s fine if you’re running as a Republican and voting in a Democratic Primary.

    Nope, nobody minds at all…

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