Wet Wednesday With A Slice Of Les Paul

Well, I guess that would be all of us. I actually like being a hooligan. I think it brings me character. Today, because I want to, I am celebrating Les Paul’s Birthday. Still miss him because he was one of the grooviest people ever to pick up a guitar pick.

Les Paul

Happy Birthday Les Paul!

So, what’s going on? Legislature is still in as of this moment, storms have been hammering us around the state and Willie Herenton apparently exposed us to a bit of political theater in Memphis today according to the stream on Twitter. It’s not like he hasn’t done this before. I’m sure Steve Ross will have something to say about Willie saying he doesn’t give a damn about the rape crisis center. One quick note from the AP: The Center for Responsive Politics’ database shows Cohen currently has more than $706,000 on hand. Herenton has $8,400.

Sen. Andy Berke tried. He really did but we saw where the interests lie in our legislature this morning when it comes to King Coal who was a very merry soul who always won over everyone else. I sometimes wonder if we are going to have anything left to give to our children’s children. (Also sorry for the 18,000th King Coal reference in today’s blogosphere. Call me silly or lazy. I don’t much care.)

Roy, just make a decision and stick by it, would you please?

Southern Beale explains what will come back in the Gulf Coast, and what won’t.

There was a bit of a row on Twitter about a lede to a story in the Commercial Appeal. At Essays to Nobody, here’s a good critique, done fairly I think, that explains why snark really isn’t appropriate in crime news. I did this once when I was in the newspaper business and when I met with the family later (yes, I faced them) and realized how I had deeply hurt them, I didn’t do it again. My snarky attempt to be clever hurt people and I deeply regret it to this day.

The newspaper by nature is a public service. Sometimes people find elements of the newspaper to be offensive or out of bounds. When these sort of conflicts arise, its the job of the reporters to engage with the readers and defend their point of view. The paper can get it wrong, the public can get it wrong, but it is the dialog that bonds the community to the reporters and the papers. If Poe had an intellectual underpinning to his argument, I’d have been glad to hear it and debate it. He didn’t have one that I could see. In essence, Poe wants me to lighten up, take the joke with its intended lack of malice and go away.

The victim of the crime might not ever have her name in the public eye again. She was attacked and brutalized, the last thing she and her family need to see is a flip joke leading the story about it.

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