We Need More Harold Buehlers

I never met Harold Buehler. I, like most Memphians had heard of him, but honestly, until the past several months I didn’t know that much about him, or what he did.

I didn’t know that he was a former educator and coach, or the impact he had on the community he served.

I didn’t know that he, more than any other single developer in Shelby County, was responsible for turning hundreds, if not thousands of parcels of land from blighted nuisance to a productive part of the community.

What I didn’t and still don’t know could probably fill up volumes, but I know one thing, we need more people like him. We need more people working to provide opportunities for our working poor and impoverished citizens, from affordable housing, to education, job training and economic development.

I know that he had his detractors. I don’t think you can live in this world and not have some detractors. But despite those detractors is the undeniable fact that he made providing safe, affordable housing for people in need in this city his life’s work. For that, we should thank him.

Mr. Buehler passed away on Sunday. On the last day of session the Tennessee Legislature passed a resolution honoring his contribution to our community.

We need more Harold Buehlers. People dedicated to helping lift people up rather than pointing fingers and blaming them for being down. People who look for creative solutions to complex problems and put them into action.

His legacy will be felt in this community both through the homes he built, and the spirit of helping those of us who are less fortunate. His family will carry on with the business he built, but hopefully his legacy will inspire more people to look for creative ways to help those in need.

I didn’t know Harold Buehler, but what I’ve come to know of him is inspiring.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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