Thirsty Thursday

It’s abyss time, campers, where the week has put on it’s false teeth and bitten a chunk out of our hineys. Yet, there is a fond and gentle hope that on this Friday Eve we can slowly recover from a work week that wanted our souls, our babies’ souls and most probably the souls of our pets.

I believe in pets having souls. You would to if you have ever met my dog Mabel, who is the officially unofficial Secretary of Steak for the state of Tennessee. She ran for president a couple of years ago. She would have won too if there wasn’t that sex scandal and all.

Light blogging around the state today and I haven’t decided if that’s just summer and we are hot, crabby, rashy and mosquito-bitten. Hope the trend doesn’t stick around which reminds me, if you guys aren’t on our aggregator or have something you want us to see that we have missed, be sure to drop us a line at speaktopower at gmail dot com.

On to our Thursday afternoon perky linkdump of love.

Gail Kerr on the Bredesen endorsement of McWherter. Jackson Baker asks a question.

Freelancing Journalists are yet again taking another hit.

Aunt B. questions the issue of anti-obesity v. anti-poverty.

If you register to vote this year, be sure to follow it up. More information at the Tennessee Citizen Action

DanceDivam and Aunt B. spotlight the plight of Milan today. Thanks so much guys.

The site for the Tennessee Aids Advocacy Network is up and running.

Michael Silence is voting for Clint Webb. Go find out who Clint Webb is.

A really thoughtful and wonderful article about Memphis Beat from the Daily News Blog. It’s funny, I live 120 miles north of Memphis and was staying out on a friend’s farm when this show debuted. I wasn’t watching it (Deadliest Catch girl here) but I heard a wail from another room going “DAMMIT, they are making fun of Tennesseans again!”  I hate to say I wasn’t surprised but I’ll give the show a shot when it doesn’t get in the way of me watching Sig, Phil and Johnathan.

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  1. June 24, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    We are ready, willing and Mable.

    The lady with the cute ears has my vote locked up.

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