The Learning Curve For The TNDP

Aunt. B. and FaintGrayLines have some words about Friday pressers. They aren’t a fan.

I would listen to both women because they do know marketing more than you think they do in their day gigs. And it’s not like they haven’t tried to talk to you offline about their concerns. They have. You know that so their reaction should be of no surprise to you.

The only thing I can add is that Friday pressers don’t really work. They get no tread for print and by noon on the last day of the work week, many (not everyone) has checked out heading into the weekend.  There complaints also include the Chip “I’m outraged” factor. Unless someone is in politics intside of the three-block radius in Nashville, not many people have a clue who Chip is and that includes rural news organizations.  If your presser isn’t going to hit the wire, then it’s just not going to go anywhere. As TNDP pressers go, I see where they were headed with this, but it backfired because of the “outrage” factor.

So, to add to their remarks, I would suggest kindly to know your target audience better. There are a lot of conversations going on across the state regarding jobs, industrial development and I would hope that the TNDP would follow Roy Herron’s lead today regarding the Milan Arsenal, which is very pressing and very real for a lot of people on the west side of the state.

There is a learning curve here. An opportunity to look at the criticism and learn from it although many of us have felt we’ve sang this tune before. Just think about it and knock it off with the outrage because people outside the lines are more upset about not being able to find jobs are dealing with loss of quality of life.

You’re welcome.

2 comments for “The Learning Curve For The TNDP

  1. Nicolle
    June 18, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    I’m sick of them. All of them. Chip, Herron, Tanner – the whole network of good ol boys can suffer the consequences of their inaction. They sit around and act like it’s my freaking job to get them elected. Well guess what – it’s your job to earn my vote Mr. Herron. Tanner might as well have been a Republican – thanks for standing up for our HEALTH Mr. Tanner. Like I’d trust you or anyone associated with you to look out for the best interest of the people when you couldn’t even take a rough vote in your last year. I’ve voted in every election I have been eligible to for as long as I can remember – but NO ONE has yet convinced me that they are worth coming out for.

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