Solar Panel Production In Memphis

The Commercial Appeal has a story this morning about the 2 millionth solar panel coming off the Sharp Company line.

In the noisy din of the Sharp Manufacturing Co. of America factory, Coley had just approved the Memphis facility’s 2 millionth solar panel.

That panel was hoisted off Coley’s line by Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, Sharp Electronics Corp. CEO Kozo Takahashi and local union leader Paul Shaffer. Coley quickly admitted it was a “very different day at work.”

International, national, state and local leaders gathered at the Sharp factory on Mendenhall Tuesday morning to witness the production milestone.

“To put this into perspective for you, the factory has produced enough solar panels to power 65,000 average-sized homes,” Takahashi said. “That’s nearly a quarter of the homes in Memphis, and it saves nearly 12 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.”

I find this story to be very intriguing. I heard a great deal from the democratic candidates running for office talking about bringing more green factories to Tennessee. This just may prove that with all the empty factories, a megasite under construction in Haywood County and the resources that we do have that this just indeed may be where we should be heading.

We keep hearing the talk, but it appears in Memphis they are also walking the walk.

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