Nicholas Beadle Leaving Jackson Sun

Nicholas Beadle via his Twitter Page - @NickBeadle

In a post on his blog West Tennessee political reporter Nicholas Beadle of the Jackson Sun announced his departure from the paper effective July 31.

From his post:

Why am I going? I’m getting hitched to the absolutely amazing woman of my dreams in early August, then moving to D.C. with her a few days later to get ready to start law school.

My editors are working on finding my replacement. For those interested in such awful obscenity, I expect to continue writing online about Southern politics after I leave, though the where and the when and the how might not be firmly determined for another couple weeks. I’m also keeping my Twitter account, which you can follow here.

One of the big things that we’ve been trying to do here at Speak to Power is bring some stories out of West Tennessee that get lost in the shuffle. Nick’s reporting has been an invaluable asset to us.

Thanks so much for your insightful and informative reporting, and good luck in the future. We’ll miss you.

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