Morning Coffee – There Goes the Neighborhood Edition

Captain Kona is none too happy about the "blight" in his neighborhood.

I understand why Captain Kona is upset about this sign in his neighborhood. Thankfully, my little neck of the woods here in super liberal midtown Memphis doesn’t normally see that many signs by Republicans. The few that do have Republican signs up in my neighborhood are usually for Haslam, which is about as comforting as a mayonnaise sandwich that’s been sitting in the sun all day.

I’m sure this will change in the coming weeks as the primary inches closer.

While the rest of the state may be thinking about the Governor’s race, here in Memphis the big story is Herenton vs. Cohen, with a healthy side of the County Mayor’s race. Later today I’ve got a post detailing why that may not be a good thing for Democrats come November.

I think there’s a lot of malaise in the state, but it’s not coming from Democratic voters, it’s coming from the Democratic establishment. Rank and file Democrats like myself, that don’t necessarily have money to donate but have some time and can stitch a coherent sentence or two together have been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear something about what we’re supposed to be doing. There’s a real sense of anxiety out there about the November elections.

Here in Memphis, we understand the importance of the November election. If Democrats don’t show up big statewide there’s a good chance that quite a few of our most solid Democrats will be gerrymandered out of existence. We’ve experienced these kinds of shenanigans for decades here. We know first hand how it dilutes our political power and don’t think for a moment we won’t fight like hell. But a lot of it doesn’t have anything to do with what we do in Shelby County. The fate of our delegation after redistricting largely rests in how the rest of the state votes and there’s little comfort to be found in that reality.

So with each passing day as more signs for Republican candidates pop up like zits on a teenager, we shake our heads in a kind of silent recognition of our greatest fears. “There goes the neighborhood”, and we wonder why we’re not being given the tools to do more to save it.

Ok, that was depressing, I need some coffee and probably some medication.

As we noted yesterday, Governor Phil Bredesen announced his endorsement of Mike McWherter yesterday. One Nashville columnist thinks this is a unique situation that helps the Democratic candidate. Another thinks it was a missed opportunity.

The Nashville Metro Government has sent 305 buyout letters to homeowners in the wake of the floods that devastated areas of the city back in early May.

The TVA is backpedaling on it’s closing of the solar incentive program.

Flinn asks a good question, why does the police director make less than the school’s head of security? Figuring this out is like determining the number of licks in a tootsie-roll pop. The world may never know.

And finally, the Memphis/Shelby County Metro Charter Commission is meeting with the City Council and County Commission today at 4pm on the U of M campus at “The Zone” in the FedEx Institute of Technology.

Folks, we just gotta power through today and tomorrow before the weekend comes and is disappointingly short. Man I’m a sad sack today.

2 comments for “Morning Coffee – There Goes the Neighborhood Edition

  1. June 24, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    I had to hang some T Shirts in the window so I don’t have to look at that abomination from my desk.
    Maybe this is payback for being a meanie to the Repigs. I’m cursed to gaze upon that gerbal-faced geek’s sorry noggin’ on a daily basis.

    Ahh, the old days are gone. A six pack and a 20′ Husqvarna would end this misery once and for all.

    I’m getting waaaaay too mellow in my old age. 😉

  2. June 24, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Oh, yeah….

    I feel ya.

    It seems to me (and apparently to others), that the DNC has basically abandoned Tennessee to the Republican party. Progress never comes from giving up the fight. It is not acceptable to concede any state, ANY STATE… TIM KAINE, to Republicans.

    The DNC has failed miserably to capitalize on anti-incumbent sentiment and the resentment the average American has for “business as usual” politics.
    Mike Clark -D TN-1 is a great guy in a Republican community that’s oozing anti-incumbent attitude.
    Ramsey, Roe, Alexander…all are more vulnerable now than they have ever been in the past. They produce nothing and people in these hills are feeling it….
    …Yet no money is being spent and the only efforts I have seen are those offered by individual activists and the candidates themselves.
    No Howard Dean, no fighting spirit.

    We are forsaken. 🙁

    Meds are on me. ;-]_~

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