Morning Coffee – Old Information Edition

Encyclopedias have gone the way of the Dodo
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This morning, my rss reader was graced by this awesome, post by Bill Dries about old encyclopedias. It brought forward a nostalgia for a world when information flowed less freely, and something as wacky as a set of books was the standard for finding out anything you might want to know.

As I was reading the post, I got a little teary eyed for the set of World Book’s that my parents bought back in the late 70’s. I spent hours with those things, researching, and reading about all kinds of things that may have popped into my head.

Even though the information wasn’t as up to date, search was easier then. What letter does your topic begin with? Ok, go get that volume. Sure you might have to pick up a couple to get it just right, but there wasn’t this sifting and sorting through countless sites of potentially dubious authority or accuracy for information. When you read it in the Encyclopedia, you knew it was at least 90% accurate. That other 10% had more to do with the distance from history than anything else.

Ahh the simplicity of life 30 years ago. We live in a world now, where that kind of certainty is a rare commodity. Maybe it was rare then too, but to my 8 year old brain, any question could be answered, at least in part, by the authority on my bookshelf.

I kind of miss that.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane Bill, and awesome post. You should write more like that.

Ok, time to wipe away the tears and get some coffee in my belly!

The Shelby County Trustee’s office got some props for their “mobile cashier” program. Congratulations!

The Shelby County Sheriff’s race got a little heated in last night’s debate.

I remember when they first started building this. I lived across Young Ave. from the old Pie Factory and wondered why the heck anyone would want to spend that much cash for a condo.

Millington Mayor Richard Hodges gives some props to FEMA for their efficiency.

Alright, I’m gonna go dust off the World Books and get nostalgic. Have a great day!

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