Morning Coffee – Let’s Make a Deal Edition

I had no idea that Monty Hall, of Let’s Make a Deal fame, had his own paradox and mathematical nuisance. Who knew 70’s pop culture had such depth?

Truth be told, 70’s pop culture doesn’t really have all THAT much depth, but maybe, just maybe, there’s something to be learned from this phenomena. Or maybe not.

Irregardlesslyness (a word coined in protest to the word irregardless being put in the dictionary) there’s FINALLY been some deal making up on the hill in Nashville, and maybe, just maybe a budget will get passed this week. (Senators Mark Norris and Lowe Finney seem to think so anyway)

The compromise budget restores funding to infant mortality prevention, and includes a $20m tax break for flood victims. It dumps funding for a $16m provision that would build a fish hatchery in Carter County, something which seems to have been the primary sticking point in the negotiations.

Last night the House Finance, Ways and Means Committee met to move the compromise budget forward. The Senate meets this morning at 9am and the full House meets at 10am to finish this puppy, and other issues off.

Hopefully, this will bring this session of the legislature to an end, and not a minute too soon.

I think some celebratory coffee is in order.

A couple of measures failed yesterday in the legislature including the Freedom from Healthcare Act and the Anti-Income Tax Constitutional Amendment. These bills are like zombies though. I’m sure we’ll see them again next year.

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey says his Republican Gubernatorial opponent, Zach Wamp, doesn’t pass his smell test. Who knew the Senate Speaker had such acute olfactory perception?

I can’t imagine why someone would want to steal money from The MED, since they don’t have that much of it, but this lady did. Grumble, grumble, grumble…

Former US Senate Minority Whip turned lobbyist, Trent Lott is hosting a fundraiser for TN-08 candidate George Flinn. I’m not sure why I care about this, except that it gives me the opportunity to link to the Strom Thurmond Gaffe, which pleases me.

Ok, enjoy riding around in that shiny new state budget. Remember, no returns after…oh hell, it hasn’t passed yet. Well, you still can’t return it when it does, so hope ya like it!

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