Morning Coffee – Is the Frog Jumper Afeared Edition

Skeert of the Big City, Fincher ain't never been to Shelby this election

Well, yesterday was kinda fun. A couple of hours after I published this post, Jackson Baker at the Memphis Flyer took the ball and ran with it noting that another candidate has been suspiciously absent from the state’s largest county.

In a comment to that article, one person opined that perhaps Stephen Fincher (Who I will call SteFi), the candidate in question, was afraid to come to the Bluff City area.

Actually, it made me laugh.

However, after the startling revelation that the NRCC’s golden boy has recently voted in a Democratic Primary (recently as in THIS year), I think old SteFi might fit in just fine down here, though he may have to lose the “Aww Shucksisms” to be taken seriously.

Of course, SteFi’s opponent Ron Kirkland was first out of the box to criticize the SteFi. Kirkland has also been accused of donating to Democrats.

This is just another chapter in the ongoing saga of supreme and utter goofiness that is the 8th district Republican primary. Keep it up guys, you’re making us (Democrats) look good, if for no other reason, by distracting the public from our problems.

Alright, on to the coffee!

The right wing nuts are at it again, this time they’re saying the oil spill is punishment from God for the election of Barack Obama. Puhleeze!

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton has endorsed the Democratic candidate in State Senate District 17. If you’re wondering why, A C originally hails from Lebanon, so he has a vested interest in the race. Of course, considering the Republican candidates, an Egg Salad sandwich would have more substance, so a real live human has to be better!

When I read this headline I thought, “Cool, people discussing the Courts over drinks.” Sometimes, I’m an idiot.

And finally, Knoxviews reports that the House has passed the DISCLOSE Act.

Have a great Friday y’all!

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