Morning Coffee – High Anxiety Edition

I’m not sure when it happened or if maybe I just got comfortable with the former pace, but things seem to be moving so much faster now that keeping up is no longer just a struggle, but a certain impossibility.

It happens to all of us. Life’s challenges conspire to sap away our attention and time, leaving us with the scraps for ourselves. This leads to a feeling anxiety, a feeling that we’ve lost control.

It’s easy to let circumstances have control. It’s easy to lose sight of the goals that we’ve set for ourselves and surrender to those circumstances. In the end, if we’re going to defeat that feeling of anxiety, that feeling of being out of control, we have to stop allowing the little things that build up over time to grow and grow and grow.

While we can’t control all of our circumstances, we can control how we address them.

As annoying as this feeling of anxiety can be, I think it’s important that we recognize what it is, and face it head on, rather than just allowing the situation to continue and ultimately get worse.

It can be a tough thing to do, but if we don’t, then we really have lost control, and all that anxiety suddenly not only becomes justified, but paralyzing.

Whew! That’s a little too heavy to deal with before breakfast. It’s time for some coffee.

GoldnI doesn’t get why the Tea Partiers want to repeal the 17th Amendment. To be completely and totally honest with you, I don’t either.

FYI, 5 Disaster Recovery Centers are closing TOMORROW, and four others are transitioning to loan outreach centers.

The FEDS have opened a criminal probe into the Deepwater Horizon spill. This thing is gonna go on for a very long time. Criminal charges and billions of dollars in damage awards aren’t going to make the Gulf right again, but maybe it will cause other rigs to clean up their acts.

Zach Wamp is defending his relationship with a public relations firm and their cozy relationship with a non-profit.

If you’re in Memphis and love Beale Street Caravan there’s a fundraiser tomorrow at Ardent Studios.

Have a good day out there and try to stay cool, it’s gonna be a hot one.

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