Morning Coffee – First Week Without the Lege Edition

This session left the state battered and bruised, but still breathing

It seems that its milestone time around here. Last week we passed out 1000th post, then we had our first speaking gig and now we have our first full week without the shenanigans of the legislature.

While that may seem like a big change for a little blog that’s spent a lot of time talking about state politics, I think all of us are glad the state is out of harms way…for now.

Like I’m sure someone said last week, (though my hazy mind can’t remember who) this means we’re in full on campaign mode. With just 7 weeks until state and federal primary elections the action is just starting up, particularly in the Republican Gubernatorial primary race.

But we’ll get on with that later, right now it’s time for some coffee!

Like we said, the race is on, but hopefully unlike the George Jones song, the winner won’t be losing all.

Here in the Shelby County race for Mayor there was some action. TNDP Chair Chip Forrester called a poll released by Republican Mark Luttrell bogus, and said that Luttrell was posing as a Democrat. An independent poll disputes the poll released by Luttrell and says the race is all tied up.

Grand Divisions the blog of the Tennessee Equality Project is trying to whip up awareness of the upcoming primary.

Richard at Mediaverse notes a rumor that has CA Editorials Editor leaving to become Chair of the Department of Journalism at the University of Memphis. That’s a pretty huge move. Regardless of how it works out, we wish him well.

And finally, this isn’t really political, but deals with the other subject you’re not supposed to talk about in a bar, religion. Southern Beale has an interesting post on what happens when we die.

Al-righty folks, the week’s just getting started. Make it a good one!

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