Morning Coffee – Farmer Tan Edition

That's a lot of backwards hat wearing there fella
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Yesterday I was given the unique opportunity to spend 8 hours in the blazing hot sun, in long pants.

Without going into too many details of my work shenanigans, it was for a good cause.

But the toll on my body has left me more than a little battered, bruised and burned this morning. Heck, my fingers are still a little swollen from all the water I drank last night and this morning.

All of this, however is temporary. I fear the farmer’s tan that has taken hold on me is now irreversible without doing something weirdly extreme.

I’m not sure why this bothers me, or even why I’m taking time to write about it except that I now have confirmation on just how freakin’ hot it is, and this morning I find myself wondering some of the same things that Aunt B. is, minus the undergarment discussion.

Anyway, after yesterday’s experience, I have a newfound respect for folks that have to work outside in this heat and their knowledge of surviving the suffocating heat. I get another opportunity to enjoy it this afternoon. Needless to say, I’m less than thrilled.

Ok, it’s time for some coffee…I think I’ll have mine with ice this morning…

Guns in Parks, a case study. I don’t care if they suspended his carry license, I want to know how the heck he got one in the first place!

Considering the scope of the damage, $11.5 million is a slap on the wrist, and a slap in the face of those who have to live in the shadow of their other looming containment disasters.

Pith covers the CBS Sunday Morning Coverage of the looming Gaile Owens execution.

The CA confirms what Mediaverse broke over the weekend.

Mary at the Memphis Flyer republishes a national diversity map segmented by county.

Ok y’all, think of me this afternoon when you venture out of your cozy air conditioned office into the stifling heat of the afternoon and say, “Damn, it must suck to be Steve right now”. I’m sure the thoughts will wash over me like an ice water soaked rag.

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  1. vvixen
    June 15, 2010 at 9:59 am

    Next time, remember the sunscreen!

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