Morning Coffee – Breathe Easy Edition

Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na, Hey-Hey-Hey, Goodbye....

Tennessee you can rest easy. As Senator Mark Norris tweeted at 2am this morning the Tennessee Legislature adjourned early this morning. Thank God!

Y’all, it’s been so bad that one opinion piece yesterday called this legislature inept. More importantly, they laid the blame squarely at the feet of Ron Ramsey.

You see, legislators are elected to make hard decisions. That’s their gig. But in the face of revenue shortfalls, high unemployment, and lots of needs out there in the state, many members of this legislature, particularly Senate Republicans, were just too chicken to do the very thing they were elected to do, make the hard decisions. In the process, they killed or ignored several bills that might have protected Tennesseans from the kind of ecological disasters that folks down in the Gulf, or closer to home, like the Coal Ash Spill, they tried to nullify the Healthcare Reform Act, they eschewed Federal Matching dollars that pay off at a 2:1 ratio, and generally made a mess of something that could have been so damn simple if they would have just allowed it to be.

That ain’t leadership, that’s self-interested protectionism.

I’m glad this session is over, and I can assure you I’ll have a much more detailed account of just how over the top this session was in the coming days.

In the mean time, I need some coffee!

There was a lot of last second action in the lege last night including, but not limited to: the passage of flood tax releif and a campaign finance transparency bill that covers corporations. On the FAIL column was the Freedom from Healthcare Act that was sent to conference committee. Something interesting happened when this was sent to conference, Speaker Williams appointed 3 Republicans that have supported the bill to committee and no Democrats. Needless to say, Speaker Emeritus Naifeh was none too happy about this.

Bill Haslam has a poll out showing he’s in the lead in the race for the Republican nomination for Governor. In second place is Zach Wamp and Undecided, followed by Ron Ramsey.

As Trace noted yesterday, Democratic Candidate for Congress and former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton had a media free-for-all yesterday. In it, he claimed that teenaged rape victims that couldn’t get timely rape kits and abused animals in a city shelter are trivialities even though he’s running on his record. Yeah, I’ve got more to say about this, but wow…just wow.

Finally, a shout out to one of our bloggers in crime, LeftWingCracker, AKA Steve Steffens is happy about the Chicago win in the Stanley Cup final last night. Not sure how everyone else falls on this one, but remember Steve, this means that no other team in Chicago can do anything well for at least a decade. enjoy it while you can!

Alright, after today, you just have one more day before the weekend. Me, I’m counting the hours.

2 comments for “Morning Coffee – Breathe Easy Edition

  1. June 11, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    “one opinion piece yesterday called this legislature inept.”

    Inept? They’re morons.
    That includes all but about five or six of the Democrats.
    We have the single most dysfunctional general assembly in the nation.

    I’m stressing voting local to every customer that comes in this store. I’m hoping for Nathan Vaughan’s return to the House so we can get some sanity back in mix.
    We gotta vote local in TN, that’s the priority right now.

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