Morning Coffee – Adjournment Imminent? Edition

The Tennessee Legislature is in its last throes. The Senate meets at 11am and the House meets at 1:30. Most people I talked to yesterday believe today will be the last day of session. We’ll see if both houses are willing to play nice and make that happen.

Last throes or not, there was some movement on the Freedom From Healthcare bill that’s been tossed around for nearly the entire session.

Tom Humphrey reports that some legislators saw the bill as an opportunity to point out the “rectal-cranial inversion” that it represents. One proposed an amendment that would exempt Tennesseans from the Federal Income Tax, another proposed that we eschew federal dollars for TennCare, that represent a 2-1 federal match. All of these were defeated.

In the end, it passed with a bunch of folks not voting, which is better than voting to give this ridiculously unconstitutional bill some legitimacy.

We’ll see if our legislators can actually wrap it up today or not. I picked tomorrow in the STP legislature go home pool, but I don’t think anyone picked today. I may be a winner, but if these guys stop with the shenanigans today, I think we all may be winners.

Ok, on to the coffee…

Over at the Nashville Scene, Jeff Woods takes up a post by conservative blogger Terry Frank accusing Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Zach Wamp of unethical fundraising activities. As shakedowns go, one has to wonder how much Wamp has in common with this guy.

As expected, tuition is going up at Tennessee colleges and universities. I wonder how many people will have to either cut back on their hours, or just give up the dream of a college education as a result.

Polar Donkey puts his mapping skills to work to illustrate Memphis’ unemployment stats.

And finally, after confronting his primary rival’s campaign headquarters, former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton agreed to hold one of his famous “free for all” Q&A sessions. Fox 13 is asking for your questions for the former Mayor. Also, Zach McMillin asks if Herenton can be polled accurately.

Get out there and get ‘er done. We’re half-way to the weekend, and I can hardly wait.

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