Morning Coffee – 1K Edition

Poorly Photoshopped by Yours Truly

Yesterday, we here at Speak to Power passed a milestone with our 1000th post.

Way back in February when we started this thing we had a vague idea of what we were trying to accomplish; build up and help promote a community of people with a shared purpose focusing on the things that unite us. Just like it was way back in February, this is still a work in progress.

I know 1000 posts isn’t really all that much. Kleinheider could bang out 1000 posts in an afternoon back in his heyday, but we’re proud of what we’ve become through this evolution and look forward to what we will be in the future.

The blogosphere, media in general, and people’s attitude toward media is changing in ways that we never imagined just five years ago. It will continue to evolve as people’s expectations change and the rate of news distribution increases. We intend to roll with these changes just like everyone else, and hopefully continue to provide a window to the world that is informative, engaging, sometimes challenging, and always focused on building a community.

Thanks for all the support you’ve shown us in our first four months. It’s been a fun ride and we look forward to the road ahead of us.

Now, on to the coffee!

Aunt B asks a very important question about Tennessee Republicans and footwear.

River City Mud is talking Herenton. It’s a good read even if it is “quarrelsome”. (Just kidding, it’s totally not quarrelsome)

A Republican blame storm is brewing on the horizon. I love watching those.

Tom Humphrey has a list of the winners and losers for this legislative session. *insert snark here*

Susan Lynn (R-Lebanon) may have an Election Finance violation. (Free registration required)

This ain’t just hurting churches most of my former and my current employer is dealing with this mess.

It’s Friday, enjoy it dadgummit!

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