Katie Allison Granju Has A Request

Katie Allison Granju is just asking for one thing in the aftermath of the loss of her son, Henry. It’s not a lot really considering what she’s been through.

She’s just asking people in law enforcement to do their job.

As a mother who has lost a child, it is certainly tempting to get into a point by point refutation of KCSO’s statement; I won’t do this however, because I do not wish to sully or interfere with their ongoing investigation. Suffice it to say, however, that the “preliminary investigation” to which they refer has been extremely disappointing at this point despite my own active efforts in following leads, talking extensively with witnesses, and BEGGING authorities to follow leads I’ve provided. Let me also say that as I sit here next to my dead son’s medical records that refer to “assault,” “skull fracture,” closed head injury,” etc it’s hard for me to understand reasoning that assumes at this point that the assault he DID experience in the 24 hours preceding his ER admission


has no relevance to their investigation.

The circumstances of Henry’s death are admittedly complex from a medical and investigatory standpoint. It’s not as cut and dried as if someone had shot him or stabbed him. The circumstances involve a number of discrete medical factors and activity by sveral different individals, EACH of which must be fully investigated before any conclusions – preliminary or otherwise – can be reached. I respect that this is a difficult and time consuming process for the officers involved, and I hope and expect that they will do the very best job they can going forward. It is extremely tempting to share everything our family knows about the 24 hour period before Henry was taken nearly lifeless to UT Medical Center that day. If I shared these details publicly at this time, however, it would make the investigators’ jobs more difficult and perhaps sully the criminal charges we expect to arise. But it’s hard not to tell people what we know when KCSO is releasing statements like the one they put out yesterday.

Let me be clear: ALL WE WANT IS A TRULY THOROUGH, SKILLED AND COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATION. The outcome isn’t up to us. We are not demanding arrests or convictions. We are asking for a really top-notch investigation by professionals who seem to care what really happened.

No murder victim is a statistic to the people that love them. Henry was loved.

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