It’s A Two-Way Street In News

Read Dan Lehr. Just go do it. Put him in your RSS feed right now and bring him into your world if you already haven’t. As his role as a blogger/news producer in Chattanooga, I love the way he questions himself openly and honestly. He writes of Michel du Montaigne.

He is studying his essays this summer and found something that made him question his role in news media, which is changing.  He shows the passage and then writes that it made him reflective.

This passage makes me question my role as a blogger and a representative of the news media. Describing the sharing of news nuggets as “like birds who fly abroad to forage for grain, and bring it home in the beak, without tasting it themselves, to feed their young” hits home, and makes me question how I can do a better job not just bringing about information, but understanding.

He also delves into that media consumption is a two-way street.

And this tendency for many people to limit their media diet to only those who confirm their already-established beliefs, I think, is behind the rancorous partisanship that’s infected our national discourse for so long. It is worth your while to expose yourself to views that challenge your deeply-held beliefs – if only to help strengthen them by passing them through a filter of doubt and skepticism.

I love this. I do. Dan breaks it down from his personal perspective and the realities of working in news which is changing. The one thing he cannot change, as he notes, is the audience’s willingness to question.

That’s up to them and Dan knows that. There are times that people do want to be an echo chamber. But there are some of us who don’t.

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