Is it Tough Decision Time?

Jim Strickland

Last week we published a commentary about the City of Memphis budget and the issue of school funding. Today, the Memphis City Council will bring the issue back up for discussion. The Memphis Daily News has the coverage.

Strickland wants to amend the city’s operating budget to come up with a payment plan for the original amount. But in a letter to council chairman Harold Collins and Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr. last week, Strickland said the council failed in meeting its fiscal oversight responsibilities.

Strickland voted against all of the budget measures two weeks ago, which will make it difficult for him to move to reconsider the measures without some help from council members who voted for the measures.

“The council will address it in executive session,” Collins said after getting the letter. “There are two issues. One is the budget and the other is school funding. So what we will do is have a conversation about school funding. I think that part of the letter is legitimate.”

The Executive Session of the Memphis City Council begins at 1pm today, and the body will meet in a regular session at 3:30. We’ll be listening to see what comes of this issue.

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