Herron (No Surprise) and Fincher (Surprise!) Blow Off Tea Party Debate

Nick Beadle of the Jackson Sun is on the case with more:

Last week I wrote that a Memphis-area Tea Party group was complaining that Republican Stephen Fincher had not returned their calls about a debate in Bartlett but Democrat Roy Herron was talking with them about participating in the event.

According to an e-mail I got from the Mid-South Tea Party today, neither Herron nor Fincher will be taking part in Thursday’s event as of now.

As Nick notes, no surprise why Herron would duck this, but Fincher?  Hasn’t he been Mr. Tea Party?  Oh, wait, could it be THIS?

The Mid-South Tea Party was one of the first on the right to criticize Fincher for campaigning on a spending-slashing platform while accepting farm subsidies that total more than $3.2 million, according to the nonprofit Environmental Working Group.

Fincher has disputed that amount — though EWG says their totals came straight from the U.S. Department of Agriculture — and said that while he disagrees with the current farming system, he has had to accept federal dollars for his farm to survive.

Fincher’s campaign senior adviser, Matt McCullough, gave this statement to Beadle regarding the ducking of the Tea Partiers:

Stephen is working tirelessly to share his common sense, conservative vision with Tennesseans from across the Eighth District. Voters will have ample opportunities to hear the views of the Republican candidates.  In fact, we look forward to participating in three forums in the next three weeks, and we’re considering other opportunities as Stephen’s schedule permits moving forward.

Heh, looks like the gospel-singing farmer got some ‘splainin’ to do, if you ask me!

1 comment for “Herron (No Surprise) and Fincher (Surprise!) Blow Off Tea Party Debate

  1. June 14, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    What the Teabaggers don’t seem to understand is that everyone but them sees them for the traitors and sub-human filth that they really are.
    But they’re causing Republicans to lose primaries and for that I love the little maggots. 🙂

    They have failed miserably in the last two sets of primaries and they will continue to fail through November.
    I wrote that Republicans will not see significant gains in November and that’s exactly how it will transpire. All thanx to the Teabaggers.

    Scum, all of them.

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