Flood Insurance Stalls In Washington

Did the wahoos in Congress not pay attention to the news in the past month? Policy sales are on hold.

For the third time this year Congress has failed to reauthorize the national flood insurance program, leading to a temporary suspension of policy sales just as interest in flood protection in the Nashville area had peaked as a result of the devastating May floods.


The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to reauthorize the flood insurance program last week, but the Senate didn’t act before going on recess. The earliest that the Senate could act to reauthorize the program is next Monday, when it returns.

My friends, the suspension went into effect yesterday morning. It’s the old “you need insurance but let’s face it, you aren’t insured” melodrama we’ve been going through for years.

Chester Butler, an independent insurance broker here, said he has a handful of policies on hold from people newly inspired to get the insurance in the wake of the early May floods.

“Congress is not putting its best foot forward by these constant interruptions,” he said of the suspensions in sales. The flood insurance program covers most flood policies in the nation. It is handled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and administered by private insurers such as State Farm.

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