Clean The Gulf Now!

We’ve written about the oil spill pretty frequently here at Speak to Power. Knoxville blogger Jen McClurg Roth is doing what she can to bring awareness to what’s happening in her native Alabama and the Gulf Coast.

From KNS,

Jen McClurg Roth has created an organization called Clean The Gulf Now (CTGN) setting up a website, Facebook page and Twitter account to raise awareness and call for a federal ban on Corexit oil dispersant. Roth lives in Knoxville where she is director of sales and marketing for Medinteract, a provider of early detection online screening for Alzheimer’s Disease. But Roth’s heart lies in her native home of Mobile, Ala., where she spent her summers on Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores and Pensacola Beach.


Clean The Gulf Now has joined ‘Save Our Gulf,’ an initiative of Mobile Baykeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance, in order to communicate and promote its message. There’s a link to Mobile Baykeeper on the Clean The Gulf Now site. Since her group is not yet set up to take donations, Roth is urging concerned citizens to contribute through Mobile Baykeeper. While is getting 300-500 hits a day, Roth said there’s no way to quantify donations generated to date. All resources collected for the Save Our Gulf effort are being distributed according to need to alliance members in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, said Roth.

Roth established Clean The Gulf Now on May 28, but this is not her first foray into environmental activism. After Hurricane Katrina, she organized a group of Mobile locals who used personal funds to rent a fleet of buses, load them with volunteer doctors and nurses and drive to the impacted areas to provide care to those at greatest risk during the aftermath.

Roth has been posting daily at Clean the Gulf Now and is asking thoughtful and insightful questions about what to do about what’s happening.

From today she talks about boycotting BP. She offers these thoughts.

What do we do now? Boycotting BP is not the answer, in my opinion. If it’s not BP it will be another oil company. This cycle perpetuates until we learn how to throw a wrench in it. So let’s examine ways that we can reduce our use of oil right now. If you and I and those around us take small steps towards change on a daily basis, beginning today, our actions quickly add up to a resounding message to the industry, and quickly move to preserve what we have not yet damaged of our Earth.

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