It’s been 19 months since the TVA coal waste spilled in Harriman. I guess it’s a look at comparing disasters. None of them are good, but it’s food for thought about how these two events were man-made. The floods came from the skies. The BP and TVA disasters have fingerprints from lobbying decisions that honestly didn’t think things through regarding the environment.

Once again, from Grantham:

It’s being called the worst man made disaster in American history, but whoever is calling it that has failed to look back only two years ago to December 2008. That’s when over a billion gallons of toxic coal waste spilled across 3,000 acres of land and rivers in Kingston, TN. It was 5.4 million cubic yards. One cubic yard equal 201 gallons.

If my math is right, that makes the coal industry’s 2008 toxic spill almost 20 times larger than BP’s 2010 Gulf oil spill.

Those coal and oil industry execs really have a thing for putting a price on things they can never replace, don’t they?

The sound you hear is my palm slapping into my face repeatedly. The last line from Grantham is the kicker.

And from the CleanEnergy Footprints blog:

So, even with this new movement from EPA, we’re still waiting for them to do what’s right.  It is now 19 months after TVA’s Kingston coal ash spill, and almost two years since EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, promised to develop regulations for this toxic substance.  Increasing evidence continues to surface revealing the devastating effects that current storage and disposal practices are having on our environment, so we cannot let EPA do just anything.  We need EPA to do the right thing!

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