Blogger’s Last Visit To BP

Christian Grantham is done but not for the reasons you might think.

This morning I was getting gas for the lawn mower when I saw these signs on the BP gas pumps. They warned customers that “gas pump won’t stop by itself” and “gas will pour out if you don’t stop it.”

As I snapped the photos, the cashier at this 7604 Old Nashville HWY BP gas station started ripping them down. That was fine with me, but then another employee came out and started taking pictures of my license plate!

Now, I’m not sure what a BP gas station employee would want with my license plate number. Maybe they are taking the photos on behalf of BP. I don’t really know, but I do look forward to finding out. If they think they can intimidate me, they are sorely mistaken.

You know, photography is not a crime. I honestly don’t understand why businesses don’t get that everyone with a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and the like is now officially a Watchdog. If they don’t, they are living in a vacuum.

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