Your Papers, Comrade

Yesterday the Senate voted on a measure that allows election administrators to require, if they deem necessary, voters to prove their citizenship.

That may not SEEM like that big of a deal, but when you consider that we’re already seeing some questionable purging of the rolls in Benton County, well, it makes you wonder why the Republican led legislature would leave that open to interpretation.

Humphrey has the story, but here are some choice quotes:

“What we’re doing is allowing the election administrator to reject as to some and accept as to others,” said Sen. Doug Jackson, D-Dickson. “This is unbridled, undirected discretion… What is ‘satisfactory evidence?’… It could be one thing in one county, something else in another.”

Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle noted that voter registration drives are sometimes organized by candidates or political parties. He said the bill would allow a registrar to demand citizenship proof from voters signed up by one candidate; not from another. If the new forms were turned in on the deadline for registering, he said they could effectively be denied the right to vote.

The bill has already passed the House, though there are some differences between the House and Senate versions.

These guys have to get on the same page if they want to successfully exclude people who have every right to vote on the mere suspicion of their citizenship status.

I think my new rallying cry for idiotic bills like this will be, “Remember Christine Borchert!”

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