Who Is Harold Ford Jr?

Harold Ford Jr. makes me stabby. There, I said it.

First out, he’s a blue dog. Then he’s a liberal. He was against gay rights before he was for them. His entire persona and political philisophy is based on who he is in the same room with apparently.

And he’s getting a butt-whipping over at the Huffington Post by Josh Silver.

Good. Read the whole thing. I’ll wait. (Checks watch. Turns TV channel.)

This week, Harold Ford, Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, showed how completely the DLC is captured by industry money, why the US congress is mired in gridlock, and why the government continues to fail to protect the American public: from oil spills to banking crises to mining disasters, and now to the Internet. Big money lobbyists and their puppet politicians’ blind abandonment of reasonable government oversight.

Harold Ford is one of those puppets. In his piece, “FCC Re-Designation of Broadband Will Bring Unwanted Market Uncertainty” Ford calls on the FCC to halt their efforts to reestablish the agency’s authority over Internet service providers (ISP’s) like Comcast and AT&T. As I have described in previous posts, the courts recently ruled that changes made by the Bush-era FCC has left the agency in charge of the nation’s communications without authority to oversee the 21st century’s dominant communications platform. This would be funny if it weren’t reality.

Now that you’ve read about the many conflicts of interest of the handsome, dashing lobbyist, let’s talk about it.

Seriously, has HFJ even read his very own mission statement from the organization he works for.

It’s a farce. I don’t usually go hammering politicians. I try to hammer their ideology but not them personally but this is ridiculous.

As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon.”

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