What Makes A Hero?

Jamie Hollin says he thought he knew but now the definition has changed for him.

There are many ideas that come to my mind after the Flood of 2010, yet none more worthy of praise than the volunteers–heroes–who came through the ArtHouse Gardens the past 12 days.  The heroes of our community have gotten us back on our feet. No one else is responsible. The blood, sweat and guts of heroes lie on the fields of East Nashville. Organizations didn’t make this happen.  Individuals joined in common purpose made it happen.

Homes were cleared, demolished, then cleaned.  More importantly, lives were touched and changed–on Joseph, Stockell, N. 2nd, Laurent, Granada, W. Sharpe, McFerrin, Montgomery Avenue, Rosedale, Rosedale, Cline, Neill, Apex, Moss Rose, Electric, Village, Sevier, Cooper, Brittany.  The list goes on.

What makes one a hero?  Prior to the Flood of 2010, I thought I knew.

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