What Does Doc Herenton Have To Prove?

Willie Herenton and Steve Steffens from a photo from last year

Steve Steffens asks the question at his personal blog, Left Wing Cracker, and thoughtfully wonders why former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton is running for the 9th District and what in the heck is trying to prove.

At the end of the day, it’s just that the former Mayor is trying to control his media coverage as he did when he was in City Hall; however, as he has no real power any more, it becomes nothing more than an attempt to get free media, since he can’t seem to raise much money on his own.

In fact, if I were to sum up the Doc’s campaign in three letters, it would be WTF?

There are ways to campaign against Steve Cohen that might work, but it doesn’t seem that the Doc is panning on trying any of them.  By trying to race-bait Cohen, one could almost suggest that if the races were reversed, Herenton is running like an old segregationist from the late 50s and early 60s.

On the merits, Cohen is essentially unassailable from a Democratic and progressive standpoint; one could argue that only Harold Ford Senior has done as much for the African-American community in terms of 9th District Congressmen.

The real question here is this:  Why is the Doc running?  What does he have to prove?

Steffens post is asking what many people inside, and outside for that matter, District 9 have been pondering. Steffens also brings up the difference between what a legislator does in comparison to an administrator, which is how Herenton has served in public office.

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