The Nightmare

The Clarksville Leaf Chronicle has an article this morning that talks about the floods that came unexpectedly.

Monday morning, Montgomery County awoke to a nightmare.

Roads underwater. Houses.

A city.

“You’re expecting that event one time in a 100-year timeframe,” Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper said. “And it blew through that 100-year flood plain in a day and a half, and it was still rising.

“(The Army Corps of Engineers) would give us an elevation, and it would blow through that elevation almost by the time they released it.”

It wasn’t until Tuesday that the Cumberland River stopped its ascent. It reached its crest at 7 a.m. on May 4, at a height of 62.58 feet — 16 feet beyond flood stage. Helicopter flyovers revealed a Riverside Drive populated by roofs and water, not businesses and cars.

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