Secret Recordings Of Former Nashville Police Chief Stolen

Ronal Serpas is the new head honcho in New Orleans after serving time in Nashville as chief of police.

So, ummm, what is this?

Secret files and audio recordings that were part of a private investigation about the way former Police Chief Ronal Serpas kept

Ronal Serpas

Nashville crime statistics were reported stolen earlier this month.

Jack Byrd, a lawyer for the Teamsters Union when it represented the city’s police officers, said he had worked with some Metro police officers over four years to collect information.

Those materials — including secret recordings of Serpas — were stolen from Byrd’s Murfreesboro Pike offices sometime between the late afternoon of May 12 and the early morning of May 13 in what several people familiar with the incident have characterized as a “professional” burglary.


Byrd said a handful of Metro officers came to him with concerns that crime statistics were being manipulated, which in turn affected the amount of resources a department received.

One area Byrd pointed to involved the reduction in the size of the domestic violence unit after claims of abuse were shown to have declined.

The investigation had not been active for about 18 months, but Byrd indicated that officers still have concerns.

He acknowledged the stolen materials contained secret recordings of Serpas, among others, but he declined to comment on what his investigation would have shown.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a conspiracy theory junkie by nature (well, except about aliens, Bigfoot and BP) but something looks terribly wrong here. If Metro cops were secretly taping Serpas, and there were issues regarding DV units (which protect women and children from violence), I’m paying attention. I don’t know Serpas from Adam, and there have been good reports about his service in Nashville. Something, however, doesn’t make sense here.

People steal money. Why would someone steal data? Is this a smear job or did some sort of Watergate scenario happen? Hell, I’m just speculating but I find the entire situation to be highly interesting. No judgment coming from me because it’s just one story but it seems there is more than meets the eye here.

Makes a person wonder.

One thought on “Secret Recordings Of Former Nashville Police Chief Stolen

  1. Mike Byrd

    Thanks for the link.

    Keep in mind that the conspiracy could cut both ways. Serpas’ Teamsters opponents could also be conspiring to defame, as could the old guard in Nashville that wants the emphasis taken off community policing & response to neighborhood stats. Serpas also did not endear himself to Tennessee politicos by howling against criminal recidivism and lax sentencing at the state level.

    I’ve had my own criticisms of Serpas, but if the former Chief did conspire to steal tapes of himself, it would be at odds with a service record in New Orleans, Washington, & Nashville that looks squeaky clean to me.

    At best all we’ve got is the word of one self-interested party against that of another. I would urge caution to anyone giving any side the benefit of the doubt in this case.

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