Pimped Out Means You’re Being Bought

I don’t know what’s in the Coffee over at Smart City Memphis, but maybe I need to take some to Nashville with me.

At a time when the public longs for leaders with courage and who can find the common ground and find the mainstream where all sides can unite, these are the kinds of politicians who seemingly care about nothing except themselves and staying in office.

That became blindingly apparent when the House Republican Caucus invited the NRA’s lobbyist into a meeting so she could threaten anyone who might put reason over rifles. It was contrary to tradition and practice, but it graphically underscored the hold that the NRA has too many of our legislators.

The NRA stays in a constant state of outrage and bullying over any risk that the legislators it owns might lapse into a moment of logic. Apparently, that’s why NRA lobbyist Heidi Keesling was dispatched post-haste to Nashville because a handful of legislators were thinking for themselves, always a grievous offense in the parallel universe that the gun lobby has created.

The sin: An amendment that would have said that people couldn’t carry guns into bars. If that had happened, people could only have been able to carry their guns into restaurants

— Snip

…What makes all of this so unbelievable – not to mention unforgivable – is that they passed the bill in the face of the opposition of the people who have to enforce it – the state sheriffs and police chiefs – and the people who know their industry best – the restaurateurs.

Their disregard for the experts in the face of overwhelming logic is testament to the phenomenon that invades government too much these days.

It’s all about winning and losing. It’s all about political pandering. It’s all about the objective that trumps public safety and sound public policy – getting elected.

I think I’m starting to see a theme here.

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