Morning Coffee – Knock Off The Rain Dances

Over the weekend, the rains came again. On Saturday night, my sister was in Jackson. When the alarms went off, she was at the local mall with her kids and she said there was a bit of panic. Not the kind of panic one would have from a zombie apocalypse, but a bit of shuffling and concern.

“There was a look that several people had that is hard to describe,” she said. “I guess that part not going to go away. Some people looked scared.”

She’s probably right.  We have talked about the economic issues a great deal from the Tennessee Flood ’10, but there will be deeper psychological issues that will continue to exist for a long time to come. When the rains, come there will be trepidation. There just will be.

That’s what 10 inches of water will do to you barreling into your homes, which are a personal sanctuary or leaving damage to your livelihood, that is terrifying. Especially if you lived through water barreling down your doors.

The Jackson Sun is reporting this morning that in west Tennessee that the storm damages are incomplete for many of the counties, but the estimates so far are exceeding $72 million dollars. The story doesn’t include Dyer County, but is very comprehensive for Madison County and the surrounding areas.

At Faint Gray Lines, there is a comparison of the lack of communication and how it impacted folks in the flood in Nashville, and how things are getting back to normal.  There is also observations of the cultural and economic divide that was, sadly, inevitable.

Mary Mancini at Liberadio has a very comprehensive post of Tennessee Flood Relief and Volunteer opportunities for the entire state.

Some businesses are thriving post-flood.

RELEASE THE KAGAN! GoldnI has the breakdown.

Jen-Sized just wants BP to fix there mess. BP did see some success yesterday by inserting a tube into the mess which will help some, but to think this is a quick fix isn’t realistic.

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