Morning Coffee – It’s Been a Long Week Edition

I completely understand...

It’s been a long week y’all.

I’m not trying to complain or anything, but it has. Seriously, when Monday seems like a month ago, you know it’s been a long week.

Really, I don’t know where the week went. Looking at my schedule doesn’t make it seem like it’s been all crazy or anything, but then I think about all the stuff, and there’s been plenty, that’s been thrown my way this week, well I guess it’s easy to see why I’m ready for the weekend.

Thankfully, it’s almost over…until Monday when it starts back up again.

Oy Vey, I think I need some extra coffee to get me going this morning.

Two West Memphis police officers were killed yesterday conducting a stop on I-40. Two more were injured in the ensuing shootout. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.

Hey Kingston, this time it’ll be a safe place for fly ash, they promise. (I don’t blame you for being skeptical)

In Nashville, they’re offering buyouts rather than building permits for some of the most damaged, and most vulnerable properties in the floodway.

And it looks like the other water treatment plant damaged in the floods will be back on-line at the end of the month.

Quick questions Nashville, at this point, are they still #floodbeards, or just #lazybeards? Been wondering for a couple of days.

Ok, get out there and get this one done, the weekend is around the corner and calling your name…but probably just to mow the lawn or something.

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