Morning Coffee – Fundraising Frenzy Begins Edition

Yesterday marked the end of the fundraising ban for state legislators. The session, which many thought would be short and sweet due to the Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey’s participation in the Gubernatorial race, has dragged on past the May 15th deadline once again, meaning that there’s plenty of unfinished business (the budget) to take care of.

Despite this, as we noted Friday, the State Senate has decided to take a week to “hammer out” their budget proposal. Of course, all the hammering in the world won’t stop Ramsey from asking for some cash to help fuel his custom made boot driven campaign.

Speaking of boots, Ramsey’s simple theme, “Give Washington the Boot”, seems to be a bit more complicated than you might think at first glance. Ramsey is leaning to a more “selective booting” rather than just giving all of Washington the boot. Here’s Ramsey, quoted in the Kingsport Times News reports:

“It’s a different issue,” the Blountville Republican and state lieutenant governor said of his pledge to give Washington, D.C., “the boot” in his TV ads. “I’m talking about things like the health care (reform) plan that will force the state to spend $250 million in taxpayer money. I’m talking about those unfunded mandates continuously coming down from the federal government, not things that are legitimate functions of government like protecting the national security and helping with catastrophic events like this (flooding).”

Unfunded mandates? Don’t get me started dude.

Alright, it’s time for some coffee…

9th District Representative Steve Cohen launched his campaign headquarters with a bang, right up side the head of his challenger, Willie Herenton, calling Herenton a “coward” for pulling out of a debate that had been scheduled since September. Them’s fightin’ words for sure. We’re waiting with baited breath to hear what Herenton has to say about this.

It’s a He said He said in the back and forth over funding for The MED. At this point, who’s right and who’s wrong doesn’t matter a whit to me, I just want it fixed. I’m not sure tossing allegations around is the way to do it. Just sayin’.

Keep your buckets full, that was the message at the graduation of nearly 700 college students at UT Martin. This is a much better message than the other proposed ideas I heard like, “keep your powder dry”, or “keep on rockin’, rockin’ me baby”.

Remember that Coal Ash spill way back when? Yeah, turns out that storing it dry is the way to go. Too little, too late.

Ok y’all, have a good Sunday.

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