Morning Coffee – Floods And Frivolous Laws

All I really wanted to put in the title is that our legislators were supposed to get us a state budget and all we got was a stupid bill honoring Arizona but I guess that’s too long for a title, much less a T-shirt. As Rep. G.A. Hardaway said last night, “Now we’re fixing to co-sign onto their trouble, as if we don’t have enough of our own to do.”

Martin Flooding From Monday

It’s things like this that alienate people. We have troubles in Tennessee, to channel Hardaway, and yet we need to honor Arizona. This is so marginalizing that I honestly don’t know what to say about it. It just seems to me that we have other things to do such as pass a budget, help out our neighbors around the state who have lost their homes, deal with the economy and etc. but our elected officials think this is important? No wonder there is so much anti-government sentiment out there. Political games are more important that people. Your Liberal Friends has a photo montage of which democrats voted for this exercise in silliness and those democrats who didn’t.

No words. Hopefully, the Senate will stop this.

In other news, west Tennessee saw hail and rain yesterday. I got caught up in some of it and Steve Ross posted some pictures from Martin. It was a mess. I asked a farmer what we were looking at and he said that square bales of hay were pretty much mold-magnets at this point, circular larger ones could be saved if they dry out and that planting was going to be put off yet again.

“Corn is probably out but I guess I can plant milo,” he said. “This rain has put a hurt on us.”

The water was pretty high and it rained tree limbs and trees during the two hits of the storm but in my area, no one was hurt. We have some pretty good storm drains so the run-off didn’t take too long but the creeks looked pretty swollen and angry by the time I headed home. In Memphis, firefighters had to rescue drivers trapped in their cars in East Memphis after the flash flood hit as well.

Onward and upward:

Image Credit to Reel Librarian

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