Morning Coffee – Day Six

Creeks are still jumping the banks into fields. When they devastate crop land you have to ask, what chemicals went back into the creek.

As we said yesterday, we are trying to monitor damage to west Tennessee in relationship to the storms that swept through last weekend and the floods that became a very harsh and real reality for thousands of Tennesseans. We are going to continue to search today to see what we can find. No pith or snark this morning, because I think the entire state is under a fatigue report and the collective brain cells we have right now wouldn’t start a motor boat.

Flooding, worry and fear of the unknown is exhausting, but we are all in this together so let’s get on with our daily morning link dump.

But before we do, I send you to this post by Jim Reams from yesterday that sums up a whole lot about this week. And while we are at it, here is the Volunteer Tennessee home page.

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