Morning Coffee – Bratfest, Helen Thomas And Buses

This weekend is the Memorial Day holiday which is also known as Decoration Day. If you see anyone selling poppies today, buy one. The holiday is about reconciliation and honoring those people who gave their lives. It’s more than a long-day weekend, my friends.

It is also the weekend of Steve Steffens infamous Bratfest in Memphis.  Democrats, friends and politicians get together and talk political

Why, yes that is Left Wing Cracker Throwing A Shocker

philosophy. It’s been a Memphis tradition for years and more recently it’s been a place where bloggers from around the state have also showed up to meet and greet.  The political party season has begun in Memphis, which is always very interesting in any campaign year. Hope to see you there.

Blogging may be a bit light today. Get out there, campers and enjoy the weekend.

1 comment for “Morning Coffee – Bratfest, Helen Thomas And Buses

  1. May 28, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Why, you’re going to have these people thinking that BratFest will be nothing but gluttony and debauchery.

    Oh, wait, never mind, look forward to seeing you there!!! 🙂

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