Morning Coffee – BBQ Fest Edition

It's BBQ Fest Time!

It’s day two of the Memphis in May’s World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. If you like the ‘Cue this is the place to be. Seriously, Downtown Memphis smells like a slow smoked pork palace, a veritable Valhalla of meats cooked to perfection.

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Every year around BBQ fest time, I tell myself I’m gonna get it together next year, join a team or do the Patio Porkers division, but y’all, this ain’t a Festival to trifle with. You better have your A game going.

I’m not sure how many teams are competing this year, but Tom Lee Park is filled, tip to tail with cookers, contestants, and connoisseurs of the ‘cue just waiting to get a taste of that slow smoked goodness.

All this talk of food so early in the morning has got me starving. But for now I’ll just have some coffee…

The CA has some good coverage of the festivities.

The Memphis Flyer shows off some of the more odd things you may see.

In other news, either there was a misunderstanding or someone ain’t tellin’ the truth

And finally, the TVA relents, but something tells me they still think they’re not bound to anything they deem inconvenient. We’ll see…

Have a great day out there. Enjoy the BBQ, try to stay dry, and most of all, eat some breakfast Speaker Williams!

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