Morning Coffee – A Weekend Of Remembrance

Everyone knows a veteran and many of us know a soldier who gave his/her life while in service for this country in one of the many wars we seemingly cannot escape.  This is a holiday where, for me at least, summer is launched once again. We get together with friends and family, we cook-out, drink beer, sweat said beer and basically just breathe a sigh or relief that we have a three-day weekend.

And We Remember ...

But it’s more than that. Memorial Day is much more than that.

Robert G. Ingersoll wrote:

These heroes are dead.  They died for liberty – they died for us.  They are at rest.  They sleep in the land they made free, under the flag they rendered stainless, under the solemn pines, the sad hemlocks, the tearful willows, and the embracing vines.  They sleep beneath the shadows of the clouds, careless alike of sunshine or of storm, each in the windowless Place of Rest.  Earth may run red with other wars – they are at peace.  In the midst of battle, in the roar of conflict, they found the serenity of death.  I have one sentiment for soldiers living and dead:  cheers for the living; tears for the dead.

My grandfather saw good men die as his unit stormed the beaches of Saipan. Everyone does have a story of knowing someone who gave their lives for this country. During the height of battle, there is no politics for soldiers. There is just survival. Tell your veteran thank you today and remember those who gave everything.

A few things from around the state.

As Steve wrote this morning, we will be taking a bit of time to spend with our friends and loved ones this weekend. If anything comes up or strikes our fancy, you might see us. We are coy that way.

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