Morning Coffee – The Outrage Game

Are we thinking things through?

I think about that sometimes. In politics, in life in general and in our day-to-day lives. It’s simple to get into the outrage game when it comes to all of these things, but the question that keeps coming back to me is if collectively we are taking steps to deal with those things that anger us as democrats, or are we mad for the sake of being mad. Are we doing anything to make the world a little bit better off than when we got here?

In any election year, it’s “sexier” to be outraged by missteps that our party makes and to automatically think that the other side of the aisle is always wrong. Politics, for most people, is personalizing issues that are near to us. Political beliefs aren’t always logical. I don’t always think that the GOP is wrong . I don’t always think that the party of the donkey is always right.

Which leads me to the bipartisan issue.  During the end times of this session as the legislature waited until the last minute to work on the budget, there is not bipartisanship.  It become a collective chess match where we see politicians are looking at the end game. How will they fare after the final bell closes. What can they say they did, or didn’t, do when they hit the campaign trail this summer?

I’m not mad for the sake of being mad about this. I’m irritated that we are forcefed wedge issues when real ones loom. That political gain sometimes outweighs compassion.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. That it’s better to be part of the solution of getting a conversation going instead of just being mad about it. Being angry isn’t always bad, but it shouldn’t be constantly reserved for the emotion of the day.

All this before the first cup of java. Let’s get to what other folks who are out and about are saying this morning.

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