Mike Ritz And The Med

He’s not a happy camper and has filed another civil right discrimination complaint against the state regarding the Med in Memphis. He believes that the state is pivoting the trauma hospital against others for funding. Ritz is a Shelby County Commissioner from District 1.

Shelby County lawmakers are not happy themselves with Ritz’s timing.

But Shelby lawmakers said the timing of Ritz’s letter couldn’t be worse, circulating among legislators as they are already fighting over competing budget proposals by the Democratic governor and Republican legislators.

Rep. Ulysses Jones, D-Memphis, said it could jeopardize the $20 million contingency appropriation because the budget talks are under way as the General Assembly works toward final budget passage and adjournment of the 2010 session.

Rep. G.A. Hardaway, D-Memphis, chairman of the Shelby County legislative delegation, said the $20 million budget amendment plus the administration’s support for the special 3.5 percent hospital assessment approved early this month represents the agreement that the Shelby delegation has with the governor.

“I don’t know what he (Ritz) is basing his information on. Our first priority was the hospital assessment and the second is getting the matching money approved,” Hardaway said.

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