Is There A Back-Up Plan After The Top Kill Procedure?

There isn’t any doubt that BP and President Barack Obama/Washington are counting, or hoping at least, on this latest effort, after a month of failed attempts to work.

Deep thought today: What if it doesn’t? And what does a Top Kill going to kill other than an underwater volcano spewing oil under 5,000 feet of water?

New information is surfacing regarding BP’s role in the Exxon Valdez spill as well where the oil corporation was involved in a clean up plan that ultimately didn’t work. A top kill has really never been done at this depth before so if it doesn’t work we are still looking at gushing oil on our Gulf Coast that is much larger than the Alaska spill.

And let’s be clear, BP isn’t making any friends right now.

A quick question: Are you going to continue to shop at BP or are you done?

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8 thoughts on “Is There A Back-Up Plan After The Top Kill Procedure?

  1. saraclark

    So, If you shop at a BP in Nashville (at least, I’m not sure about all of Middle Tennessee) it’s most likely a Mapco/BP station and a few years ago all of the Nashville MAPCOs were purchased by Pilot Corporation. Interesting.

    There is always a Tennessee connection.

  2. T. Sharp Post author

    You are so right, there is always some sort of connection with these mergers. Who knows who owns what. That’s a good questions, Sara Clark.

  3. Gary

    From what I understand, you can even go into some gas station that has no affiliation with BP and still be putting money in BP’s pockets because of the numerous contracts and agreements between different conglomerates. I’m afraid the only way to boycott is to move in with our Amish neighbors.

  4. jim voorhies

    I haven’t bought Exxon since the Valdez & I’m not buying BP. I may end up having to buy a Leaf if more screw things up, but that’ll be ok too.

  5. Paul

    I’d have a hard time boycotting BP unless Transocean and Halliburton, the two major drilling contractors on the rig, are included in the boycot as well. It is a little like someone dying in a hospital due to a mistake in surgery and people boycotting the hospital without boycotting the surgeon involved.

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