Hickman County Recovery Woes

Just because the Feds have declared you a Disaster Area, doesn’t mean you’ve got the scratch to pay for the up-front costs of the clean up. WPLN has the story

Some 22 roads in Hickman County are still out, and between clearing debris and fixing bridges, the highway department is blowing through roughly $30 thousand a day.

As an official disaster area, the county can get back 75 percent of what it’s spending from the federal government. But Mayor Steve Gregory says he has to cover those costs up front, with money he doesn’t have.

“This is just taxing our reserves to the Nth degree, and come the end of this month we’ll be out of those reserves if we don’t have an influx of cash, and so that’s why this borrowing is very important.”

I’m willing to bet that there are several rural counties across the state that are having the same problem.

Truth of the matter is that no matter how prepared for the worst you think you are, there’s no way a small rural government with a limited tax base can possibly be prepared for the expansive recovery effort that an event like this creates.

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