Herenton Confronts Cohen Campaign-Updated

Willie W. Herenton

Just over two weeks since pulling out of a long scheduled debate a week since his primary opponent Steve Cohen called him a coward for pulling out of said debate, Willie Herenton is making news in front of the Cohen Campaign.

Here’s the initial report from WMCTV:

Here is video of the entire press conference from Fox 13.

4 comments for “Herenton Confronts Cohen Campaign-Updated

  1. Bob Pearce
    June 4, 2010 at 1:22 am

    I find it humorous to think that Dr. Herenton should choose to demonstrate his willingness to debate by trying to start an argument with an empty building. There are a lot of empty buildings for him to practice on, but I’m sure that his opponents will be more than happy to debate him in person provided an appointment is made. And kept.

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