Hammering Haslam

We reported yesterday about GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Haslam’s acceptance of over $500,000 in government subsidies all while opposing tax breaks for small businesses. It seems that another candidate, this time on the GOP side, has taken up the charge.

From the release:

“The mix ing of per sonal invest ment funds with the tax payer money you over see for your own gain or profit rep re sents a seri ous breach of ethics,” said Sam Ede len, Wamp cam paign spokesper son. “Yet that’s exactly what Mayor Haslam did when he co-mingled his own per sonal money, as well as invest ments from fam ily mem bers, with fund ing from the City of Knoxville on a pri vate real estate devel op ment he now owns.”

“That’s an insider deal few peo ple get, and it raises ques tions about how Mayor Haslam would attempt to manip u late state gov ern ment to ben e fit him self and his com pany, Pilot Oil, were he to be elected gov er­nor,” said Ede len. “It’s another rea son why Haslam should agree to the Ten nessee News pa per Network’s request for full trans parency and release his income taxes with sup port sched ules and a detailed finan cial state ment so the public’s fully aware of his busi ness dealings.”

According to the post, the Haslam campaign says that Wamp has misrepresented the deal.

Here’s a tip Bill, if you just disclose your holdings like all the rest of the candidates, you won’t have to worry about false allegations…unless you’re hiding something bigger.

Just sayin’.

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