Election Day – Primaries Galore

As Trace mentioned in Morning Coffee, t’s election day today for folks in Davidson County and several states across the country.

The Davidson County Primary Elections, originally scheduled for May 4th, were rescheduled due to the floods that left much of the city underwater. You can see who’s on the ballot here.

Also, if you’re not so sure about who all those clerks are and what they do, check out yesterday’s Liberadio Cirlce of Clerks Podcast.

The Polls are open from 7 am to 7pm. You can find your polling location here.

Two neighboring states are also having primaries today, Arkansas and Kentucky, and even though Tennesseans don’t have a say in the vote, what happens in these elections could impact people here in the Volunteer state.

Over in Arkansas the big primary is between two term Senator Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Governor Bill Halter.

Lincoln is the current Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, and has been a frequent speaker at events I’ve worked around the nation by agricultural lobbying groups.

Halter brought the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery to a referendum a few years ago. The system is similar to what we have here in Tennessee. Arkansas has been trying to do something like this for years, but State Supreme Court rulings have typically removed these referenda items from the ballot.

This race has been getting national play for some time. Halter’s announcement earlier this year brought an immediate pledge of two million dollars from labor and progressive groups in his effort to unseat Lincoln.

This has been a bruising campaign that has seen more business for the Arkansas print industry and the USPS than perhaps any other single race in the history of the state. This weekend while I visited my mother in Little Rock, she received at least 10 political advertisements in the mail about the Arkansas Senate race, none of which were from the candidates themselves.

Check out Max Brantley at the Arkansas Blog for some detailed coverage of the race. Chances are, there will be a statewide runoff, if that happens it’s only going to get uglier.

Up in Kentucky the primary battle has been on the GOP side. Current Secretary of State Trey Grayson the closest thing to a GOP standard-bearer is battling with Tea Party candidate Rand Paul, son of former Presidential candidate .

I haven’t been keeping up with this one too closely, but it is entertaining to see the internal battle for the soul of the GOP unfold right before my very eyes. Page One Kentucky among others, has been on the case.

Of course, there are other primary contests going on in other far away places, but I won’t get into all that. If there’s a primary in your area (I’m talking to you Davidson County) get out and vote!

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