Dyersburg Digs Out From the Flood

The majority of the floodwaters having receded from Dyersburg, the city is restoring services to areas previously under water and allowing homeowners back into the neighborhoods. In addition, the city is waiving city permit fees for renovation projects.

There are some conditions for returning to affected areas:

Guidelines established during the recovery and cleanup process:

* Access pass is required to enter the affected areas.

* Passes are available at an office established at the Dyersburg Mall (across from Cato’s) for business owners, renters, homeowners and contractors.

* This office will be open May 10 through May 14 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

* To receive a pass, you must have either a valid form of identification, rent receipt, utility bill, valid business license, Social Security card, etc.

Electric service is being restored to those buildings and homes that were not affected by floodwater. You can occupy the building only if the water has receded from the property and access road.

Buildings or homes will not be approved for occupancy until:

* Water has receded from the building and access right of way.

* Building has been inspected by Dyersburg Electric and Dyersburg Building and Codes Department.

FEMA has also begun inspecting properties registered with the agency in the Dyersburg area.

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