Does Roe See a Disaster or a Looming Election?

Congressman Phil Roe (R) - TN-01

Joe Powell has been getting a lot of email from his Congressman, Rep. Phil Roe.

Today, Roe finally recognized that there has been a great deal of flooding in the state.

Flooding? Really?

Needless to say Powell is suspicious:

…today he offered his first response to the massive flooding disaster that struck Tennessee on May 3rd. Maybe he finally read what was posted here on this page on May 4th (his office has been faithfully reading). Or perhaps he noticed the widespread relief efforts from the rest of the state and nation, or the telethons or the army of volunteers who have been toiling for weeks in Tennessee.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy he’s supporting legislation already submitted for additional funds to help the half of this state which has been devastate for weeks.

Still, he’s just been sending me far more information since he’s begun his re-election campaign than he ever did before.

You can’t just decide to start talking to people because you want something out of them. You have to talk to people because you’re interested in them and their lives.

Sure, all candidates ramp it up when it’s election time. That’s just part of the deal. But when you’ve heard next to nothing from someone, then all of the sudden they take an interest right about the time they need something, well, that’s a recipe for suspicion.

Sure Roe signed this letter to the Obama Administration asking for additional relief funding, but a simple, “I know something bad’s happening, and I’m thinking about y’all”, goes a long way.

Waiting until two weeks later looks like a political move rather than empathy.

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