Disaster Recovery Centers In Rural West Tennessee

Humboldt and other communities have set up recovery centers in several areas to help out those folks that lost everything in this month’s floods and tornadoes.

Disaster Recovery Centers offer help to people affected by this month’s severe storms and flooding. Other centers in West Tennessee are at the Dyersburg Mall, Gibson County Fairgrounds, Haywood County Parks and Recreation Building and Selmer Community Center. They are open each day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. until further notice.The centers have representatives from FEMA and the Small Business Administration. Officials from agencies such as the Department of Human Services and Farm Services sometimes are on hand as well.

I spoke last night to a man that owns a grain mill in NW Tennessee. I asked him how bad the farms where in certain areas around west Tennessee.

He just said one word, “Bad.”

The Tennessee Bar Association has also put up a page for flood victims on how to navigate some tough subjects that may need some legal assistance.

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